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Historical Information- Past Meetings and Conferences

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    Date Speaker Topic  
    10-Feb-11 Dan Ortiz-Georgia Tech’s OSHA Training Institute OSHA Compliance and Effective Workplace Safety and Heath Program 1 hour
    10-Mar-11 Hutchinson Traylor Health Care Reform Action Plan for Employers 1 hour
    14-Apr-11 Dave O'Connell / TALX Corporation Unemployment: Relieving the employers burden of claims / Improving hearing results 1 hour
    9-Jun-11 Panel Workplace Violence 1 hour
    11-Aug-11 Costangy, Brooks & Smith Workforce Generations: When Eminem shows up! 1 hour
    8-Sep-11 US Department of Labor    
    6-Oct-11 2011: LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE- Making Connections LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE (see below for details) 6 hours
    10-Nov-11 WeCare On-Site Wellness Clinics 1 hour
    8-Dec-11 Randy Nix Legislative Update  
    14-Jan-10 Page Estes, Chamber of Commerce Update on Troup County  
    11-Feb-10 Wayne Townsend, Rexnord Industries Employee Free Choice Act   
    11-Mar-10 Paul McLeish, Achieve Leadership Doing More With Less  
    15-Apr-10 Networking Meeting Networking Meeting  
    13-May-10 Robert Lewellen, EmployBridge Safety in the Workplace 1 hour
    10-Jun-10 Stephanie Dandridge, WGTC Using the Fred Factor in your Workplace  
    8-Jul-10 No Meeting    
    12-Aug-10 Phillip Green, WGH Drug Free Workplace  
    9-Sep-10 Networking Meeting    
    6-Oct-10 2010: LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE- Driving Success Through Leadership LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE (see below for details) 6 hours
    11-Nov-10 Jonathan Martin Managing the Workplace in a changing economy/Dealing With Difficult People 1 hour
    9-Dec-10 Randy Nix Legislative News: State and National 1 hour
    8-Jan-09 Jane Fryer Update for the Chamber  
    12-Feb-09 Penelope Harbour Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)  
    12-Mar-09 Myra Creighton Labor Laws  
    9-Apr-09 Kelvin Redd Servant Leadership 1 hour
    14-May-09 Jed Sheehan/Lani Five Steps to Increase Workplace Efficiency through Technology’  
    11-Jun-09 2009: SUMMER SEMINAR SUMMER SEMINAR (see below for details)  
    9-Jul-09 Networking Meeting    
    13-Aug-09 Michael Nimer-OneSource Relocation Maximize Relocation Strategies 1 hour
    10-Sep-09 Janet Grear Troup County Schools- Understanding Generations  
    15-Oct-09 2009: LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE- The Effective Leader: Doing More With Less Paul McLeish, Kenneth Hoats, Joyce Divinyi  
    12-Nov-09 Jonathan Martin, Constancy, Brooks, and Smith What's new in Washington 1 hour
    10-Dec-09 Randy Nix Legislative News 1 hour
    10-Jan-08 Jane Fryer "State of LaGrange"  
    14-Feb-08 Kenneth Hoats "How an EAP can help retain associates"  
    13-Mar-08 Dick Simmonds The Job Search Cycle  
    10-Apr-08 Ginger Booton “Georgia Work Ready”.   
    8-May-08 Gary Wheeler Growing Global with Your Company  
    12-Jun-08 Tony Dattilo Clark Holder- Understanding Insurance  
    14-Aug-08 Randy Nix Legislative Update  
    11-Sep-08 Linda H. McMullen “I Just Don’t Understand Those . . .” (Generations in the Workplace)  
    9-Oct-08 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE- Excellence in Leadership LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE (see below for details)  
    13-Nov-08 Chris Smith Understanding Vocational Rehabilitation Employment  
    11-Dec-08 Networking Meeting    
    11-Jan-07 Tim Chisholm New York Life  
    8-Feb-07 Roger Butenbaugh GA State Council Director  
    8-Mar-07 Gerald Wyatt Understanding Change Management  
    12-Apr-07 Audrey Boone Tillman SVP HR AFLAC  
    10-May-07 Jeff Brown West Point Lake SOS  
    14-Jun-07 Julie Elgar Ford and Harrison  
    9-Aug-07 Randy Nix Legislative  
    13-Sep-07 Phillip Blout Associates Trends in Compensation  
    11-Oct-07 Myra Creighton Fisher and Phillips  
    8-Nov-07 Joe Laymon / Manpower "Talent Shortage"  
    13-Dec-07 Joy Wilkins Troup County Strategic Plan  
    2011: LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE- Making Connections     6 hours
      Martha Forlinas Getting Employee Engagement  Results  
      Alyssa Morris Social Media Law  
      Mike Pniewski  Act to Win– Actions instead of Reactions  
    2010:  LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE-    Driving Success Through Leadership  6 hours
      Victoria Ashford Fearless Leadership:  Fuel your Drive--and Thrive  
      Pete Tosh Enhanced Employee Engagement=Enhanced Organizational Performance  
      Martin Yate Smart Career Management Strategies and How To Increase Professional Visibility and Credibility  
    2009:   LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE-  The Effective Leader: Doing More With Less  6 hours
      Paul Mcleish Doing More as a Leader with Less  
      Kenneth Hoats Lead and they will Follow  
      Joyce E. Divinyi Stress Management Strategies for the ‘Last Ones Standing’  
    2009: SUMMER SEMINAR     
      Tim Newton Employment Law  
      Edward Smith and Megan Penn (HT) Group Health Insurance  
      Bill Kuerzi Safety in the Workplace  
    2008:  LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE-    Excellence in Leadership  6 hours
      Monte Farrar “Managing Conflict and Change to Enhance  Morale and Team Building”  
      Judy Glick-Smith Got Conflict? How to  Minimize Workplace Conflict through Authenticity Training  
      Gerald Wyatt, PHR Change: The Only Constant  
    2011: Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers    2011 Conference   
      Eunice Glover* 363 Communication Skills Opens Doors to Relationship Success 1 hour
      Tara Kermiet* The 360-Degree Evaluation 1 hour
      Pete Tosh* Effectively Utilizing HR Metrics- for HR and Career Offices 1 hour
      Brad Adler* Legal Aspects of Social Media 1 hour
      Kenneth Hoats * All those in Favor of Change say- UGH! 1 hour
      Rex Trewin* From Staffing to Relationship Building: Creating a proactive versus a reactive campus recruiting program 1 hour
      Jonathon Martin* Understanding FLSA- Interns, RA s, and work-study students 1 hour
      Judith Giddings* The Gap...Is Not Just a Brand of Clothes! (employment laws that address The Gap Laws) 1 hour
      Charles Little* Changing Face of the Application Process 1 hour
      Karen McGrath* Recruiters Roundtable 1 hour
    2011: West Georgia Employer Committee     
      MOCK UNION ORGANIZING WORKSHOP Jonathon Martin 4 hours