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    SECTION 1.1:     Name



    The Name of the Chapter is WEST GEORGIA SOCIETY FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, formerly the LaGrange Human Resource Society, (herein referred to as the Chapter). To avoid potential confusion, the Chapter will refer to itself as West Georgia SHRM and not as SHRM or the Society for Human Resource Management.

    SECTION l.2:      Affiliation

    The Chapter shall be affiliated with the National Society for Human Resource Management, (herein referred to as SHRM).

    SECTION 1.3:     Relationships

    The Chapter is a separate legal entity from SHRM. It shall not be deemed to be an agency or instrumentality of SHRM or of a State Council, and SHRM shall not be deemed to be an agency or instrumentality of the Chapter. The Chapter shall not hold itself out to the public as an agent of SHRM without express written consent of SHRM. The Chapter shall not contract in the name of SHRM without the express written consent of SHRM.



    The purposes of this Chapter, as a non-profit organization, are:

    • to become recognized leaders in human resource management and raise the standards of performance in all phases of human resource management;
    • to provide opportunities for conferences, cooperative research, and an exchange of information and ideas among members;
    • to advance human resource management to meet work place diversity;
    • to provide a focus for legislative attention to state and national human resource management issues;
    • to serve as part of the two-way channel of communications between SHRM and the individual members.

    To achieve these purposes there shall be no discrimination in individual membership or member company affiliation because of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

    The Chapter supports the purposes of SHRM, which are to promote the use of sound and ethical human resource management practices in the profession and:

    1. to be a recognized world leader in human resource management;
    2. to provide high-quality, dynamic and responsive programs and service to our customers with interests in human resource management;
    1. to be the voice of the profession on human resource management issues;
    2. to facilitate the development and guide the direction of the human resource profession; and
    3. to establish, monitor and update standards for the profession.



    The fiscal year of the Chapter shall be the calendar year.



    SECTION 4.1Term and Classes



    Persons possessing the necessary qualifications may, upon approval of the Chapter, be admitted to membership in the Chapter. The Chapter encourages members to be national members of SHRM.



    (a)Professional Members. Individuals who are engaged in the profession of human resource management and who meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Possess at least one (1) year of exempt-level human resource management experience.
    2. Are accredited by the Human Resources Certification Institute and/or a human resources certification by SHRM. 
    3. Are faculty members holding assistant, associate or full professional rank in human resource management or any of its specialized functions at an accredited college or university and have at least three (3) years of experience at this teaching level.
    4. Serves as a human resources consultant.

    These members (excluding students and faculty) must devote at least 50% of their time in personnel and human resource management functions. Professional members may vote and hold office in the Chapter.

    1. General Members. Individuals who are engaged in the profession of human resource management in an exempt or nonexempt salaried position but do not meet the requirements of Professional membership. General Members may vote and hold office in the Chapter.
    2. Associate Members. Individuals who are exclusively engaged full time in the placement of personnel are eligible for associate membership.  Associate Members may vote and hold office in the Chapter. Associate Members must devote at least 50% of their time to personnel and human resource management functions. While there is no automatic restriction on members hip in this category, the Board of Directors may limit membership by either designating a percentage or an absolute number as a cap.
    1. Honorary Members. Individuals who are actively enrolled in human resource programs at the college or university level and individuals who have been given lifetime membership by the Board of Directors are eligible for Honorary Membership if so endorsed by the Board of Directors. Honorary members may not vote and may not hold office in the Chapter.
    2.   Student Members. Students shall be eligible for Chapter membership, providing they are first-year freshmen or higher, attending a four-year or graduate institution and enrolled on at least a part-time (equivalent of 6 semester hours) basis, and demonstrate an emphasis in human resource management subjects. Student status and verification of the emphasis in human resource management subjects must be provided by either Chapter advisor or practitioner sponsor. Student members may not vote or hold office in the Chapter.

    There shall be no corporate memberships. If a member terminates from the company, the new company representative must meet normal requirements for membership.

    SECTION 4.2:    Approval of Membership

    Application for membership shall be made in writing on a form provided by the Chapter. The applicant shall be sponsored by at least one member of the Society. A majority vote of a quorum of the Board of Directors shall resolve any questions as to membership eligibility or membership status. New members shall be afforded full membership rights from the date of application approval by the Chapter's Board of Directors.

    SECTION 4.3:    Membership Dues

    The amount of the annual dues for all classes of members shall be determined by a majority vote of a quorum of the Board of Directors. Annual dues shall be payable during the month of January of each year. The membership shall be notified in writing of the amount at least 30 days in advance of the due date. All dues must be received on or before March 1 of each year in order to remain a member in good standing and shall be $150. Dues received after March 1 shall be $175. Annual dues shall be prorated for new members.
    1. Professional, General, and Associate Annual Membership Dues. The amount of the annual dues for said member categories shall be determined by the Board of Directors by November 1st of each year to be effective January 1st of the following year.
    (b)Honorary Membership Dues. The Board of Directors, at their discretion, may waive Chapter dues.


    (c)Student Membership Dues. The amount of student annual dues for said membership shall be discounted 50 percent from the annual membership dues set at that time.


    SECTION 4.4:    Membership Voting Status

    A member with voting privileges shall be entitled to vote as a member in good standing provided that the member's dues have been paid.

    SECTION 4.5:   Termination of Membership

    Membership in the Chapter may be terminated for good cause by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. Membership shall be terminated automatically for non-payment of dues. Membership may be terminated by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors for improper solicitation of business by a member during a Chapter meeting.


    SECTION 4.6:   Transfer of Membership

    Membership in the Chapter may be transferred from one individual to another where the membership fee was paid by the organization represented by the aforesaid individuals and where the applicant qualifies and is properly approved for membership in accordance with these By-Laws.

    SECTION 4.7:    Non-member Participation

    An individual who is not included in any class of membership of this Chapter shall be limited in his/her attendance to no more than three meetings in the Chapter year. Such non-members must have been invited to the meeting by a member of the Chapter and may attend a Chapter meeting only with the sponsoring member or their representative being present. Non-members shall be financially responsible for any fees or costs associated with the Chapter meeting.

    SECTION 4.8:    National Membership Scholarship

    An individual who is in any class of membership may apply for a national membership scholarship through the board of directors. The board of directors will award one (1) scholarship to a member of the board and one (1) membership to a member.



    SECTION 5.1:    Regular Meetings

    Regular meetings shall be held at 12:00pm on the second Thursday of each month, at a location designated by the Board of Directors. Meetings may be omitted by a resolution of the Board of Directors. Regular attendance is required of each member.

    SECTION 5.2:    Annual Meetings

    The annual meeting of the members for installing Directors and Officers, and conducting other appropriate business shall be held in January or at such other time as determined by the Board of Directors.

    SECTION 5.3:    Special Meetings

    Special meetings of members shall be held on call of the President, the Board of Directors or by members having one--twentieth of the votes entitled to be cast at such meeting.  Special meetings shall be held pursuant to written notice to each member of the Board stating the date, time, place, and purpose of the meeting not  less than two (2) days in advance of the date for which the meeting is  called.

    SECTION 5.4:    Notice of Meetings

    A notice of all general membership meetings shall be sent by the Secretary to all members at least ten days prior to each regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

    SECTION 5.5:    Quorum

    Members holding one-tenth of the votes entitled to be cast, represented in person or by conference call, shall constitute a quorum. The vote of a majority of the members present at any meeting at which there is a quorum, either in person or by conference call, shall be necessary for the adoption of any matter voted on by the members, except to the extent that applicable state law may require a greater number.

    SECTION 5.6:    Board Meetings

    Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held monthly, or on an as needed basis, prior to the regular meeting of the Chapter. Regular and prompt attendance is required for all Board members.




    SECTION 6.1:    Mail Balloting, Officers and Directors

    Mail or electronic ballots can be used for the election of Directors provided the Chapter has had at least one in-person meeting that year. Elections of Officers and Directors shall be conducted by ballot, in accordance with the procedures outlined below:

    1. No later than the first day of August each year, the Nominating Committee, composed of the immediate Past-President and no less than three other members of the Chapter, shall prepare and submit to the President its list of nominees for the offices to be filled.
    2. The list of nominees will be prepared and distributed to all voting members of the Chapter at least 15 days prior to the September meeting of the Chapter.
    3. No provision of these By-Laws shall prevent any Professional, General, or Associate member of the Chapter eligible to vote from casting a write-in vote on an official ballot for any eligible member or members of the Chapter not selected by the Nominating Committee.
    4. Completed ballots, to be valid, must be received at the office of the Chapter no later than thirty (30) days after the mailing; each ballot shall so state upon its face.
    5. The completed returned ballots will be held in a safe sealed container until a meeting of the Inspectors of Voting is held to determine the outcome of the balloting. The Ballots will be returned to a safe container and retained for a period of ninety (90) days and then destroyed.

    SECTION 6.2:    Elections

    1. Elections of Officers and Directors shall be accomplished by mail ballot during tl1e month of September.
    2. Votes Required. Each Officer and Director shall be elected on the basis of a plurality of votes cast for that office, except for the President. The President-elect shall assume the duties of President at the end of the President's term.
    3. Tie Votes. In the event a tie occurs during an election, successive balloting shall be conducted until one candidate receives a plurality.

    SECTION 6.3:    Referendum and Other Mail Balloting

    The Board of Directors may submit any matter of the Chapter's business to the voting membership for the resolution by mail ballot. Except in the cases of actions for which By-Laws require a different voting percentage, the affirmative vote of a majority of ballots it cast shall be necessary to authorize action provided for in the mail ballot, subject to a quorum of members who respond.

    SECTION 6.4:    Inspectors of Voting

    At least three (3) Inspectors of Voting shall be appointed to serve during any election or proposal to be considered by ballot. Such Inspectors shall be appointed by the Board prior to the election or balloting. If the Board fails to make such appointments, or if any of the Inspectors shall be unable or unwilling to serve, the

    President of the Chapter will appoint Inspectors. The Inspectors of Voting will count and tally the ballots and report the results of the balloting to the Secretary, who will arrange for publicizing the results to the membership.



    SECTION 7.1:     Power and Duties


    The Board of Directors (also referred to as the Board) shall manage and control the business and affairs of the Chapter and, in general, exercise all powers of the Chapter not reserved to the members by statute or by the By-Laws.

    SECTION 7.2:     Qualification

    All candidates for the Board of Directors must be Professional, General, or Associate Members of the Chapter in good standing at the time of nomination and election. Per SHRM Bylaws, the President must be a current member of SHRM in good standing throughout the duration of his/her term of office. All candidates must have attended at least 75% of the Chapter's meetings in the previous year to be eligible. All candidates must have been a member for at least one year prior to consideration. The Officers must have served a minimum of one (1) year on the Board of Directors. Directors may not be elected to serve more than four consecutive years, unless any time beyond four years is as an Officer.

    SECTION 7.3:     Officers

    The Chapter Officers shall be President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    SECTION 7.4:     Composition of the Board of Directors

    Along with the Officers listed in Section 7.3 of this Article, the Board of Directors shall also include Core

    Leadership Area Directors, an At-Large Director, and the Past President. These shall constitute the governing body of the Chapter. Additional Core Leadership Area Directors may be nominated by the President and elected from among the eligible membership as members of the Board of Directors, should new Core Leadership Areas be established by SHRM.

    SECTION 7.5:     Election and Term of Office

    All elected Directors shall be chosen as provided in these By-Laws. Each elected Director shall assume office in January following installation during the Annual Meeting and shall hold office for one year, or unless his/her death, resignation, or removal if earlier than one year. Directors shall serve two (2) year terms with no more than one (1) additional two (2) year term for a maximum of a four (4) year term.

    SECTION 7.6:     Board of Directors' Responsibilities

    The Board shall transact all business of the Chapter except as prescribed otherwise in these Bylaws or other governing instruments of the Chapter. A Professional member in good standing may request the President to place on the agenda of the next regular Board of Directors meeting any action for consideration by the Board of Directors.

    SECTION 7.7:     Vacancies

    Any vacancies in the Board shall be filled for the unexpired term by a vote of a majority of the Board in attendance at any regularly constituted meeting and must meet all of the qualifications outlined in Section 7.2 

    SECTION 7.8:             Quorum

    A simple majority of the total Board membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The act of a majority of the Directors present at any Board meeting at which there is a quorum shall be the act of the Board.

    SECTION 7.9:    Special Meetings

    Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President, or in the case of his/her absence or disability, by the President-Elect. A special meeting shall also be called upon the written request of any five (5) members of the Board. Notice must be communicated by the Board Secretary via email detailing, time, place, and agenda at least two days prior to the convening of said meeting.

    SECTION 7.10: Presiding Officer

    At all meetings of the Board, the President, or if absent, the President-Elect shall preside as Chairperson. In the absence of these two officers, the Secretary shall call the meeting to order and shall preside.

    SECTION 7.11: Removal of Director or Officer

    Any Director or officer may be removed from office, with cause, upon an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the entire Board of Directors at a duly constituted Board of Directors meeting.





    SECTION 8.1:    President

    The President shall preside at the meetings of the Chapter and the Board. The President shall have general charge and supervision of the affairs and business of the Chapter as may be assigned by the Board. At the end of the fiscal year, the President shall submit a written report to the members summarizing the activities and accomplishments of the Chapter during the term of office. The President shall maintain liaison with SHRM, the community, and business development.

    SECTION 8.2:    President-Elect

    The President Elect shall perform the duties of the President during the President's absences or temporary disability. In the event of the President's death, resignation, or inability to serve, the President-Elect shall become the Presiding Officer of the Chapter for the balance of the unexpired term. The President-Elect serves as Program Coordinator and Membership Chair and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as the Board or the President may determine.

    SECTION 8.3:   Secretary

    The Secretary shall be responsible for notification to members of the meetings and other communication of business of the Chapter. Board minutes and general meeting minutes should be taken and communicated to the general membership.

    SECTION 8.4:   Treasurer

    The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Chapter. This responsibility shall include giving written financial reports monthly to the Board. The Treasurer should notify any member who from whom dues have not been collected by February 28th of any year and arrange for prompt payment. The Treasurer shall receive written approval from any present officer for all checks exceeding $500.00. No officer may approve his/her own reimbursement request.

    SECTION 8.5:    Past President

    The Past President shall serve as an advisor to the President, and fulfill such duties as requested by the President and/or Board of Directors.

    SECTION 8.6:    At Large Director

    The At-Large Director should be appointed by the President and shall represent the general membership at Board meetings held monthly. Additionally, the Director shall work with committees as requested, in furthering the work of the Chapter.






    The establishment of both standing and ad hoc committees shall be the right of the Board of Directors. The following Chapter standing committees are currently in operation and will remain so until so ordered by a revision of the Chapter By-laws.
    1. Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of three (3) members of the Board of Directors and chaired by the immediate Past-President. The full Board shall elect the Nominating Committee, or it shall be comprised of volunteers from the Board. The Committee shall submit the names of the candidates to the President, who in turn shall direct the Secretary to prepare ballots for submission to the membership of the Chapter.
    2. Audit Committee. The Audit Committee shall consist of a permanent chairperson and at least one (1) member appointed by the President. The Committee shall audit the Treasurer's books at the end of the fiscal year, or at any other time at their discretion.
    3. Membership Committee. The Chair shall be appointed by the President. The Membership Committee of up to three members shall examine and make recommendations and reports to the Board on applications for membership and recruit candidates for membership. The Chair works with At-Large Chairperson to encourage participation and promotes marketing information about and furthering membership in the Chapter. The Membership committee maintains an accurate membership listing and works closely with the Treasurer in determining those members in good standing, those holding membership in SHRM, and HRCI Certification.
    4. Education and Workforce Committee. The Education/Advocate College Relations chair shall be appointed by the President. The purposes of the committee are to monitor and evaluate local activities that impact educational issues, plan and encourage chapter involvement in educational activities, and to manage A.C.E. Scholarship Program. The committee shall support a professional relationship with the college students of any Student Chapter sponsored by West Georgia SHRM; with the chair serving as the primary resource for said chapters. This Committee works with area-college administrators to advance the profession through increasing awareness of human resource management as a career.
    5. Certification Committee. The Chair shall be appointed by the President. The Committee shall inform the membership of developments concerning certification and provide guidance to members pursuing certification and recertification. It shall coordinate the formation and activities of study preparation for interested members and further the existence of HR.CI Certification throughout the Chapter.
    6. Legislative Committee. The Chair shall be appointed by the President. It is the Committee's responsibility to inform the membership of legislation affecting the profession, employment laws, and the organizations represented in the Chapter.
    7. Diversity Committee. The Chair shall be appointed by the President. This Committee shall monitor and evaluate on a continuing basis local activities concerning diversity issues. Effort should be made to diversify the Chapter's membership and leadership and to publicize successful diversity programs in the local community.
    8. Communications and Marketing Committee. The Communications and Marketing Chair shall be appointed by the President. The purposes of the Committee are to improve communications to the membership through regular publication of a newsletter, and to improve visibility within the community through publishing meetings and activities in the local media. The Committee shall oversee the maintenance of the Chapter's website and all social media outlets.




    The Chapter adopts The Society for Human Resource Management Code of Ethical Standards for the HR Professional, in order to promote and maintain the highest standard among its members. Each member shall honor the core principles as expressed in the code, including- but not limited to- professional responsibility, professional development, ethical leadership, fairness and justice. The Chapter shall not be represented as advocated or endorsing any issues unless approved in advance by the Board of Directors.



    Meetings of the Chapter shall be governed by the rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order (newly revised) in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with the Law and the Bylaws of the Chapter.



    The Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at any meeting at which a quorum

    exists and in which required notice has been met, provided that no such amendment shall be effective unless and until approved by the SHRM President/CEO or his/her designee as being in furtherance of the purposes of the SHRM and not in conflict with SHRM bylaws. Any motion to amend the bylaws shall clearly state that it is not effective unless and until approved by the SHRM President/CEO or his/her designee.



    In the event of the dissolution of the Chapter, any remaining monies in the Treasury after Chapter expenses have been paid, will be contributed to a local organization. The Board of Directors in Office at the time of dissolution will chose the beneficiary of the funds, whether that be to the SHRM Foundation, a local student chapter, or to a charitable organization.





    Affiliated chapter status may be withdrawn by the President/CEO of SHRM or his/her designee as a representative of the SHRM Board of Directors upon finding that the activities of the Chapter are inconsistent with or contrary to the best interests of SHRM. Prior to withdrawal of such status, the Chapter shall have an opportunity to review a written statement of the reasons for such proposed withdrawal and an opportunity to provide the SHRM Board of Directors with a written response to such a proposal within a thirty (30) day period. In addition, when the Chapter fails to maintain the required affiliation standards as set forth by the SHRM Board of Directors, it is subject to immediate disaffiliation by SHRM. After withdrawal of Chapter status, the SHRM Board of Directors may cause a new Chapter to be created, or, with the consent of the

    President/CEO of SHRM and the consent of the body which has had Chapter status withdrawn, may re confer Chapter status upon such body.